CHBG Impact Factors

CHBG Impact Factor Reports

Individual Ccochrane Review Group (CRG) Impact Factor (IF) data should not be quoted as ‘official’ IF data, but can be used within Cochrane. This is because when journals refer to their impact factor, there is a general understanding that they are referring to the Journal Impact Factor, as published by Clarivate Analytics in their Journal Citation Reports. The academic/publishing world generally understands these to be the official/standard impact factor.

The calculations for CRGs are carried out by Wiley, so although they are based on the same methodology, we need to be careful not to imply the CRG data are independently ‘awarded’. One form of words that might help would be to say that if a Group was a separate journal, then its ‘equivalent of an Impact Factor’ for e.g. 2019 was XXXX. Alternatively, if you do not want to use the term 'impact factor’, then you could say that the figure represents the average number of times that a review published in 2017-2018 was cited in 2019.

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