History and activities

Background for establishing The Cochrane Hepato-Biliary Group (The CHBG)

In the summer of 1993, Sir Iain Chalmers invited Christian Gluud to form a Cochrane collaborative review group on interventions for patients with liver diseases.

After five exploratory meetings, The CHBG was registerd with The Collaboration on 1996-03-29. Since the establishment of The CHBG, we have run a numer of other meetings that you will also find listed below.

Exploratory meetings
1st Exploratory meeting -- 1993-10-13 Copenhagen, Denmark, Institute of Preventive Medicine.
2nd Exploratory meeting --1994-10-08 Athens, Greece, EASL (European Asssociation for the Study of the Liver). 
3rd Exploratory meeting -- 1995-08-19 Baveno, Italy, Baveno II, 2nd International Consensus Workshop.
4th Exploratory meeting -- 1995-08-19 Copenhagen, Denmark, EASL.
5th Exploratory meeting -- 1995-11-06 Chicago, USA, AASLD (American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases). 

CHBG bi-annual meetings
1st CHBG meeting -- 1996-08-25 Geneva, Switzerland, EASL.
2nd CHBG meeting -- 1996-11-10 Chicago, USA, AASLD.
3rd CHBG meeting -- 1997-04-12 London, UK, EASL.
4th CHBG meeting -- 1997-11-08 Chicago, USA, AASLD.
5th CHBG meeting -- 1998-04-18 Lisbon, Portugal, EASL.
6th CHBG meeting -- 1998-11-09 Chicago, USA, AASLD.
7th CHBG meeting -- 1999-04-11 Naples, Italy, EASL.
8th CHBG meeting -- 1999-11-08 Dallas, USA, AASLD.
9th CHBG meeting -- 2000-04-29 Rotterdam, Holland, EASL.
10th CHBG meeting - 2000-10-30 Dallas, USA, AASLD.
11th CHBG meeting -- 'One-day CHBG symposium on evidence-based medicine' - 2001-04-17 Prague, The Czech Republic, EASL.
12th CHBG meeting -- 2001-11-12 Dallas, USA, AASLD.
13th CHBG meeting -- 2002-04-21 Madrid, Spain, EASL - Cancelled because of overlapping activities.
14th CHBG meeting -- 2002-11-04 Boston, USA, AASLD.
15th CHBG meeting -- 2003-07-02 Geneva, Switzerland, EASL.
16th CHBG meeting -- 2003-10-27 Boston, USA, AASLD.
17th CHBG meeting -- 2004-04-14 Berlin, Germany, EASL.
18th CHBG meeting -- 2004-11-01 Boston, USA, AASLD.
19th CHBG meeting -- 2005-04-13 Paris, France, EASL.
Collaborative meeting of the four gastrointestinal groups during the 13th United European Gastroenterology Week -- 2005-10-06 Copenhagen, Denmark.
20th CHBG meeting -- 2005-11-13 San Francisco, USA, AASLD.
Collaborative meeting of the four gastrointestinal groups during the DDW (Digestive Disease Week) Meeting -- 2006-05-23 Los Angeles, USA.
21st CHBG meeting -- 2006-10-30 Boston, USA, AASLD.
22nd CHBG meeting -- 2008-04-23 Milan, Italy, EASL.
23rd CHBG meeting -- 2008-11-02 San Fransisco, USA, AASLD.
Monothematic Conference on Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses: from Clinical Research to Clinical Practice -- 2009-04-20 and 2009-04-21 Copenhagen, Denmark.
24th CHBG meeting -- 2009-04-23 Copenhagen, Denmark, EASL.
Collaborative meeting of the four gastrointestinal groups during the DDW Meeting -- 2009-06-01 Chicago, USA.
25th CHBG meeting -- 2009-11-01 Boston, USA, AASLD. 
26th CHBG meeting -- 2010-04-15 Vienna, Austria, EASL.
27th CHBG meeting -- 2010-11-01 Boston, USA, AASLD.
28th CHBG meeting -- 2011-04-01 Berlin, Germany, EASL. 
29th CHBG meeting -- 2011-11-07 San Francisco, USA, AASLD.
30th CHBG meeting -- 2012-04-18 Barcelona, Spain, EASL.
31st CHBG meeting -- 2012-10-10 to 13 at the CHBG exhibition stand, Boston, USA, AASLD.
32nd CHBG meeting -- 2013-04-24 to 28 at the CHBG exhibition stand, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, EASL.
33rd CHBG meeting -- 2013-11-03, Washington DC, USA.
34th CHBG meeting -- 2014-04-11, London, UK.
35th CHBG meeting -- 2014-10-10, Boston, USA.
36th CHBG meeting --2015-04-23, Vienna, Austria.
37th CHBG meeting -- 2015-11-16, San Francisco, USA, AASLD
38th CHBG meeting -- 2016-04-13, Barcelona, Spain, EASL
39th CHBG meeting -- 2016-11-13, Boston, USA, AASLD
No CHBG meetings during 2017 EASL and AASLD conferences
1st CHBG symposium -- 2018-03-23, Moscow, Russia, during the "Best of EASL - Moscow 23-26 March, 2018. XXIII International Russian congress «Hepatology today»".
CHBG pesentation at the EASL International Liver Congress™ 2018, 11 -15 April 2018, Paris, France: Christian Gluud, Denmark, expounded on 'Direct-acting antivirals for chronic hepatitis C' review during the “Critical reflection on landmark papers 2017” session from 17:30 to 18:00. The challenger was Jean-Michel Pawlotsky, France. Chair: Jean-François Dufour, Switzerland.

The CHBG also runs workshops aimed to train people in evidence-based medicine.

The workshops ran so far are:

CHBG workshops
- Monothematic Conference on Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses: from Clinical Research to Clinical Practice. 20 and 21 of April 2009. Copenhagen, Denmark.
- Diagnostic Test Accuracy Reviews. 30 of September to 3 of October, 2009. Gargnano, Italy*.
- Diagnostic Test Accuracy Reviews. 12 of September to 15 of September, 2010. Gargnano, Italy*.
- Diagnostic Test Accuracy Reviews. 12 of September to 15 of September, 2012. Gargnano, Italy*.
- Diagnosis and Prognosis: Clinical and Research Problems. 8 of October to 12, 2014. Gargnano, Italy*.

*The  workshops on Diagnostic Test Accuracy Reviews were run together with Centro Interuniversitario 'Thomas C. Chalmers' Italy, Università degli Studi di Milano, Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia, Cattedra di Gastroenterologia Fondazione IRCCS OspedaleMaggiore Policlinico Mangiagalli e Regina Elena, U.O.C. di Gastroenterologia 2; The Cochrane Multiple Sclerosis Group, Fondazione Istituto Nazionale Neurologico Besta, Milan, Italy; and The Copenhagen Trial Unit (CTU), Centre for Clinical Intervention Research, The Cochrane Hepato-Biliary Group, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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- CHBG symposium "Best of EASL - Moscow 23 to 26 March 2018". 23rd International Russian congress “Hepatology Today”