Peer reviewer

How to become a peer reviewer
If you feel that you possess current and excellent knowledge within a specific hepato-biliary disease or diseases, you know the principles of evidence-based medicine, you are familiar with trials methodology, bias risks, you have knowledge in statistic methods used in meta-analyses, and with your comments you think that you will enhance the quality of The CHBG protocols and reviews, then you are warmly welcomed to contact The CHBG Editorial Team Office and declare your interest as a peer reviewer.

We will add your current contact details to our database with CHBG members on Archie, and when we receive a protocol or a review that covers your area of expertise, we will contact you with a request to contribute with comments on the submitted manuscript. The deadline defined in our letter request to comment on a protocol or a review may vary from two to five weeks.

People are requested to treat the manuscripts with confidentiality and not to tresspass the ethics of a peer reviewer's task. In the case when a peer reviewer is prevented from completing the task, she or he should destroy the manuscript.

Peer reviewers are expected to be familiar with and adhere to the The Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers.