Forms and documents related to review production

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Review Authors

Pre-submission checklist for authors

- Pre-submission checklist for authors: intervention protocols

- Pre-submission checklist for authors: intervention reviews

Production resources

Review proposal forms 

Methodological Expectations for the conduct of new Cochrane Intervention Reviews (MECIR)

Diagnostic Test Accuracy Review proposal form
Diagnostic Test Accuracy Working Group
Resources for authors of DTAR
Distance learning material for Cochrane DTA reviews

Consumer reviewers
We refer consumer reviewers to the The Cochrane Consumer Network website. There, there are two forms that The Cochrane Hepato-Biliary Group (CHBG) asks consumer reviewers to use when commenting on the protocols or reviews.
Training for Consumers

Peer reviewers

Intervention Protocol
Good practice peer reviewer checklist for protocols 
Good practice peer review checklist for reviews (A new Peer reviewer checklist for reviews form is under development.)
PRESS 2015 checklist for search strategies - for peer reviewers of search strategies (Guideline Statement PRESS 2015)

Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions
The Cochrane Library

Cochrane Methods