Forms and documents

Forms and documents of help to all who wish to contribute
Contact details form

Intervention Review
Explanatory e-mail to new authors following registration of a Cochrane Intervention Review
Resource list for new authors
Review proposal form
Methodological Expectations for the conduct of new Cochrane Intervention Reviews (MECIR)
How to write a plain language summary of a Cochrane intervention review
Standards for the conduct and reporting of new Cochrane Intervention Reviews, reporting of protocols and the planning, conduct and reporting of updates (booklet)
Checklist for protocol
Checklist for review
Checklist for abstract
Standards for the reporting of Plain Language Summaries in new Cochrane Intervention Reviews (PLEACS)
Data collection form for intervention reviews for randomised clinical trials only
Translation form for translation of clinical trials and Guidance on completing a Translation Form
GRADEpro (GRADEprofiler) - the software used to create Summary of Findings (SoF) tables in Cochrane intervention systematic reviews
Top-tips for authors regarding RevMan and Archie
The editorial process described in short

Diagnostic Test Accuracy Review
Diagnostic Test Accuracy Review proposal form
. This is the tool that is recommended for use in diagnostic test accuracy systematic reviews to evaluate the risk of bias and applicability of primary diagnostic accuracy studies.
Resources for QUADAS 2

Diagnostic Test Accuracy Working Group
Distance learning material for Cochrane DTA reviews0genstanden0CHBG2016

Online lessons available at

This session describes the changes in DTA reviews in RevMan 5.2 and the introduction of the QUADAS 2 quality assessment tool.  

We would advise all current DTA review authors to look at this presentation to ensure that they are aware of the changes that are being made.

Supplementary material is available on the SRDTA website at:

a) the changes made to the headings and sub-headings.

b) and related documents, namely the RevMan 5.2 tutorial and the Revman 5.2 Summary of Changes document.

Any feedback would be welcome (please send it to

Consumer reviewers
We refer consumer reviewers to the The Cochrane Consumer Network website. There, there are two forms that The Cochrane Hepato-Biliary Group (CHBG) asks consumer reviewers to use when commenting on the protocols or reviews.
Consumer reviewer form for protocols
Consumer reviewer form for reviews
Guidance for using the consumer reviewer forms

Peer reviewers
Intervention Cochrane Protocol
Good practice peer reviewer checklist for protocols - form for the comments of the peer reviewer.
Good practice peer review checklist for reviews - form for the comments of the peer reviewer. (A new Peer reviewer checklist for reviews form is under development.)
Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions
The Cochrane Library