A new checklist for developing and reporting the questions addressed in systematic reviews of interventions (the InSynQ checklist) recommended for Cochrane reviews

Please visit https://www.insynq.info/

In May 2023, Cochrane's Editor-in-Chief endorsed the Intervention Synthesis Questions (InSynQ) checklist as an optional resource for prospective authors following a recommendation from the Methods Executive

The InSynQ checklist and guide aim to facilitate the development and reporting of the questions addressed in systematic reviews of interventions. It can be used when planning a systematic review, writing a protocol, or reporting a review. Although it is framed for authors, it should also be helpful to those editing or peer-reviewing systematic review protocols or reports. It may assist methodologists working with author teams to plan their synthesis and commissioners seeking to ensure a planned synthesis aligns with their requirements. 

More information is on Cochrane's Methods Website.